We Buy!

We are always interested in acquiring new items for our shop.

If you have a console and/ or games collection currently gathering dust and would like to turn this into cash please get in touch, either via our Facebook page, or via the email address below:

We are interested in a range of systems from the early 80s (eg Ataris, Vectrex, Zx Spectrum, Nintendos NES / SNES etc) through to the systems of the 90s (Mega Drives, N64, Saturn, PS1 etc), and the 2000's (Dreamcast,PS2, Xbox 360 and PS3). We also buy Guitar Hero and Rock Band instrument and games collections (except PS2).

How it works

Once we have agreed a price with you, we would expect you to package up the system in a box, and we can then arrange for it to be either collected from your house, or for you to drop it off at a number of convenient corner shops, depending on which is best for you. Once the item has been checked by us, we can send you the money by paypal. Simple and hassle free!

Note - All systems need to be fully working, without obvious damage (normal wear & tear excepted). Additionally we are only interested in the following s
ystems if the consoles are complete with leads and pad(s), and have games with them.

Playstation 1, Playstation 2 "phat", Original Xbox, Sega Master System, Original Gameboy

If you just have a large games collection to sell then drop us a line too. We'll do our best to get back to you asap.